Visit Huntington Beach State Park!

Huntington Beach State Park

Visit Huntington Beach State Park!

Located just a few miles south of Stonegate at Prince Creek is a South Carolina treasure that seems a world away. Huntington Beach State Park offers more than 2,500 acres of the most scenic landscape in the South Carolina Lowcountry.


Featuring a long, secluded stretch of beautiful beachfront, tidal creeks and salt marshes teeming with wildlife, and maritime forest with hiking trails, this former rice and indigo plantation is one of the few undeveloped pieces of oceanfront property on the Strand. Visitors can easily fill up a camera with breath-taking photos.

Pawleys Island Gator, Huntington Beach State Park

Located across Highway 17 from the popular Brookgreen Gardens botanical sculpture display, Huntington Beach is also home to one of the most beautiful manmade attractions in the form of Atalaya Castle, a Spanish-style structure that is available for tours.


Huntington Beach also features a campground, picnic shelters, a country store, hiking trails and a nature center, which sits above the salt marshes and offers scenic views below. Visitors can spot a wide variety of wildlife from an observation deck, including alligators and rare species of birds, as well as towering cypress trees and twisting live oaks.


Huntington Beach’s operating hours are based on the time of season, generally open from sunrise to sunset. Daily admission is $4 per person but annual state park passes are available for frequent visitors. For more information, visit

Atalaya Huntington Beach State Park

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