Top 5 Ways to Get On the Water this Summer in Myrtle Beach

Top 5 Ways to Get On the Water this Summer in Myrtle Beach

Summer in Myrtle Beach is the perfect time to venture out on the water. From the ocean to the inlet, there are plenty of spots to make your own adventure! If you’re ready to get out on the water, try one of these popular activities:

Paddle Around
A relaxing and fun way to explore on the water is by kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP). Navigate through the calm waters of Murrells Inlet or paddle around in Pawleys Island. It’s a wonderful way to discover spots full of coastal wildlife. For more of a challenge – try Stand Up Paddleboarding. Similar to kayaking, you use an oar to paddle around, but with SUP, you’re standing up on a longboard and using your core to balance while you paddle. Both of these options are great ways to get some exercise in as well!

Cast a Line
Take advantage of living close to the water to go on a fishing charter for a half day or full day excursion. The Atlantic Ocean is teeming with fish and you’ll have the opportunity to catch flounder, sheepshead, amberjack, cobia, spanish mackerel, mahi, grouper, black sea bass and more. No matter where you cast your line – you’re sure to reel in some fun!

Pedal Around
Experience the waters of Murrells Inlet in a whole new way – aboard the East Coast BrewBoat! The brewboat creates a unique adventure by combining biking and boating. You’ll enjoy pedaling around the water, while sipping a cold beer and spending time with friends. Perfect for friends, families and celebrations – all ages are welcome. Hop aboard and start pedaling!

Catch a Wave
Hang ten this summer and sign up for a surf lesson! Myrtle Beach has good waves to attempt to pick up the art of surfing. When you take a surf lesson, you’ll learn all the basics of catching a wave including paddling, standing up, and balancing. Once you catch your first wave on your own, you’ll be hooked!

Soar in the Sky over the Water
Ready for an adventure? See Myrtle Beach from a bird’s eye view when you go parasailing. You’ll soar high in the sky and enjoy amazing views of the Grand Strand coastline while being towed behind a boat.

Living in StoneGate at Prince Creek means living a relaxed beach lifestyle where you set the pace. Make a splash this summer and get out on the water!

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