How To Throw a Thanksgiving Feast

How To Throw a Thanksgiving Feast

Whether you’re planning to keep the traditions alive while hosting friends and family or you want to try something new and innovative, we have the best tips for throwing a Thanksgiving feast you won’t forget.

Plan Ahead

Preparing the meal in the kitchen together as a family is a great way to get everyone involved in the process! Map out different jobs each member of the family can help you with like slicing the apples for the pie, mashing the potatoes, or seasoning the green beans! Everyone will feel valuable and all the more proud of the meal because they helped prepare it!

Bold Beverages

Most people stick with the basics; maybe wine or tea is served but be bold and take it up a notch with traditional fall flavors in a specialty drink you would see in a cafe. If you feel like creating a cozy feel with the glassware, choose a variety of quirky mugs from home decor stores to gift to your guests! Each one can go with a different guests special personality! 

Fall Inspired Table Setting

Food takes center stage during the holidays but the atmosphere is almost equally as important. Bringing in natural elements of fall such as gourds, squash, and pumpkins to decorate your table creates an elevated feel for the holiday meal! Autumn is a great time to play with the natural colors you see outside your window so be sure to include warm oranges and reds to the table! 

Modernize your Meal

Bring some individuality to the table and spice up the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. If you’re celebrating with little ones, create turkey sliders with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes that the kids can be creative and make their own at the table! By bringing in new traditions, your family will be excited about each course!

Make this Thanksgiving one you’ll never forget by weaving in elements of you and your family’s personality into this traditional holiday.

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