Taste of the Town in Myrtle Beach

Taste of the Town in Myrtle Beach

The 35th Annual Taste of the Town event in Myrtle Beach is coming up October 9th! Originally organized as a fundraiser for St. Andrew Catholic School, Taste of the Town has evolved into a popular event where local restaurants can win culinary awards! And the money raised goes to support the school and their students.

Admission fee is $5 and tickets to exchange for food and drinks are purchased separately. Make sure to stop and grab some of your must-have foods because you will not want them to run out before you get the chance to try them!

Some of last year’s restaurant participants include, 21 Main, Peace Love and Little Donuts, Blueberry’s Grill, Fiesta Mexicana, and Wahlburgers! There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Taste of the Town, but it’s all about trying something new!

Don’t be too shy to ask around for what’s most popular and see what everyone is enjoying! This is an event where our whole community comes together and gets the opportunity to experience a variety of different foods in one spot.

There’s also relaxing live music and don’t forget dessert! The winners for each of the award categories are announced at the end.

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