Summer Home Trends

Summer Home Trends

There are fewer things better than summer in Myrtle Beach. We have beautiful beaches surrounding great restaurants and shopping. While we prepare to embrace all the new changes summer will bring us, it’s time to embrace the summer trends for home decor this year.

Just like with spring, bright colors are in! Long gone are the winter days where all our colors were dark and dingy. Gelato or ice cream colors are in this year. If you’re not ready to commit to an entire room of new colors, try out an accent wall and get brave with your color choice. Once you’ve finally committed to that perfect shade of pink or the brightest of blues, it’s time time to work in some colorful decorations to really make the room pop. Investing in colorful vases and wall art are simple ways to add a burst of color to any room. If you want to go a step further, pick up some pastel-hued curtains or chairs for an extra level of color.

While pastels are the tried and trued hallmark of the warmer months, they aren’t your only option for this summer. Give your home a warm glow by utilizing golden colors in your home. Transform your home into a desert paradise with neutral golden shades, ranging from white to taupe to gold. Macrame, fringes, and tassels are the perfect final touch for this trend. This trend gives your home a golden glow while still keeping things neutral with calmer shades. This bohemian style is the perfect pick for this summer.

Just like foliage is in, so is floral! You don’t need to transform your home into a rain forest to take part in this trend. With the right decor, you can add a calming element to any room. Invest in pillows or wall art with floral prints to help your pastel or neutral colored walls/furniture really pop. Nothing says warmer weather quite like flowers, so give your home the transition from spring to summer it needs with a little bit of floral inspired decor.

Pastel and golden themes aren’t the only thing in this year. Embrace the style south of the border with the Hacienda trend. With earthy additions, rattan accessories, and geometric prints you can add a cute and stylish flair to your home. This trend showcases reds, oranges, and yellows in place of softer pastel colors. These colors really pop when you mix them in with your home plants or with wooden based furniture.

Give your home a tropical vibe with the right colors and decor. With a combination of bold colors, playful shapes, and the addition of botanical prints, any home can feel like a beach house. To start off your redecorating, pick one or two base colors and build from that. These colors should mesh with the rest of the room and serve as a baseline for picking out decor. Throw in some tropical decor and a few leafy plants and you won’t even be able to tell that you’re not at the beach/

Just like the summer, trends come and go. While the season changes once again, help change your home for the better with these cute trends. You can transform your home into a golden oasis or a tropical paradise with the use of the right paint colors, a few strategically placed decor items, and the right patterns.

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