Spring Home Preparation

Spring Home Preparation

We can finally breathe easy here in Myrtle Beach as we say goodbye to winter and prepare for the warmth of spring! While we try to forget about a time filled with cold weather and heavy clothing, it is time to start planning out how to get our home in tip-top shape for spring. Whether you’re already planning out your spring cleaning or looking for an excuse to redecorate, check out these helpful spring tips for your home!

  1. Check your gutters. April showers bring May flowers … or in the case of a leaky gutter, flooding. Once the weather starts to warm up, make sure to check if your gutters are leaky or loose. Improper drainage could lead to flooding in your crawl spaces or basement. While you’re checking the gutters for damage, make sure to give them a thorough cleaning too.
  2. Check any outdoor faucets. While it’s too soon to start planting your beautiful spring garden (you’ll have to wait for March for that), you can get a head start on any needed maintenance on your outdoor equipment. Check all the outdoor faucets to make sure they didn’t freeze over during the winter. While you’re checking the faucets, also make sure your garden hoses didn’t crack from the cold weather or that they haven’t experienced dry rot either.
  3. Cool off. Don’t get caught off guard by a surprise heat wave this spring! Have a professional come out and service your AC unit before summer kicks off. A professional can help ensure your unit is running at peak efficiency.
  4. Add some color! Get rid of the winter blues by adding a pop of color to your home! Nothing says spring quite like pastel colors. Give any room a touch of pizazz with simple home decor such as colorful vases and wall art.
  5. Keep it fresh. On top of changing all the filters in your home for better air quality, keep your home smelling fresh with new candles. Although it’s sad to put away the pumpkin spice and coffee scented candles, adding fresh new scents will bring a whole new level of life to your home! Try a linen or cotton scented one for a mild yet fresh scent.
  6. Bring your garden inside. Adding some indoor plants is the perfect way to chase away the dreary feeling of winter. Brighten up any room with a potted plant in the corner or on the coffee table.
  7. Let there be light. Give your windows the cleaning they desperately need after this winter. Once your windows are crystal clear, open up the curtains and let some light in! On top of improving the natural lighting in your house, consider lightening up the color scheme as well. Switch out any dark colors around the house for lighter colors to give your home the burst of spring fever it needs!
  8. Spring cleaning. You can’t have spring without spring cleaning! Whether you’re wanting to tackle the whole house or just tidy up along the way, wash away the remnants of winter with some much needed cleaning. Have your carpets cleaned, disinfect your kitchen, or just toss out all the things cluttering your home — either way, give your home the fresh start it needs with spring cleaning.

Spring will be here before we know it in Myrtle Beach! Is your home ready?

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