Patio Decorating Tips

Patio Decorating Tips


The weather this time of year is fantastic, so you’ll want to spend extra time on your patio. Here are some tips to spruce up your outdoor space.

Add curtains: Curtains will give your patio the same comfortable, enclosed feeling as when you are indoors. Open the curtains to let the sunshine in, and close them when you want a more intimate setting.

Keep size in mind: A few larger items make a space feel bigger, versus too many small items which can make a space feel cluttered and uncomfortable.

Separate the space: If you have a big patio area, divide the space for different activities like relaxing, eating and hanging out.

Get personal: Bring the vibe of inside your home outside. You can pull out a rug and a few pieces of furniture, or even bring some pictures and blankets outside.  
Brighten up: The right lighting will allow you to enjoy your space just as much in the evening as you do during the day.

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