Healthy Holidays! Tips to Stay Fit During the Holiday Season

Healthy Holidays! Tips to Stay Fit During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to begin considering how to be more mindful when it comes to those scrumptious cookies and treats! Fitness is a journey that doesn’t have to go into hibernation during the winter months. Here are some helpful tips to keep you accountable for this holiday season!

Set Reasonable Goals

You probably have an idea of what the holiday meals will include so set some reasonable goals to control your intake of those yummy pies and treats! Fill up on salad and veggies before heading towards the carbs and desserts. By earning your treats you’ll skip the overeating while still being able to treat yourself.

Run that Holiday Race!

Don’t be afraid to sign up for those turkey trots and New Year’s Day 5K’s. By signing up now, you can push yourself to train everyday and workout throughout the busy holiday season. You can even encourage family and friends to get involved so you can hold each other accountable until the race!

Add Sneakers to your Wishlist

By asking Santa for some new workout clothes and equipment, you’ll feel motivated to get active! Working out every day throughout the holidays will help you feel less guilty about satisfying those inevitable late-night cookie cravings.

Get Some Shuteye

Sleep more! When you haven’t had enough sleep, your body tends to feel hungry and you’ll want to overeat. Working out daily will help regulate your sleep schedule to prevent the need for sugary snacks and caffeine to make it through the rush of the holidays. 

Stay Active

Push yourself to get active every day. Plan a fit activity for friends and family when everyone is in town to make working out feel fun and make great memories! Take a walk around the neighborhood or even head to the mall and make shopping your cardio!

When getting ready for the holidays, you’ll feel preoccupied with taking care of the presents, decorations, and food but make sure to take time for your self and focus on your well-being. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

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