Gardening Ideas

Gardening Ideas

Now that the weather is warming up, you can focus your decorating ideas on the outside of your home by sprucing up your garden. Whether you have a lot of space or just enough room for a few potted plants, we have ideas for you to try this Spring.

Pick your plants: Your choices are pretty much endless when it comes to what you can plant in your garden, but here are some good go-to options if you are unsure of where to start.

  •    Lavender- Besides being a beautiful shade of purple, lavender is durable and practically indestructible


  •     Climbing Rose- The Climbing Rose is a perennial that blooms several times during the warm Summer months, giving you extra bang for your blooming bucks.


  •     Snapdragons- Snapdragons are long-blooming and do well in hot or cold temperatures.

Attract Birds and Butterflies: Beautify your garden space even more by attracting some of nature’s prettiest creatures, birds and butterflies. Birds are drawn to shady, secluded spots so plants with branches are best. Butterflies need shelter from wind so flowers next to a fence or wall will do the trick.

Try a vertical garden: If you don’t have a ton of space, a vertical garden is a great alternative. It’s basically just stacking rows of whatever you choose to plant against a fence or a wall. You can hang them in their pots or pouches, put them in boxes or on planks. Be creative with it!

Living in the StoneGate at Prince Creek community puts you in the perfect gardening environment. You are close to all sorts of natural beauty from the beaches to the Inlet. Living in a beautiful home is just part of the good life that StoneGate residents experience.


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