DIY Projects

DIY Projects

Are you wanting to give your home a little extra flair but holiday shopping has tightened your budget? Redecorating doesn’t have to drain your wallet or your bank account. You can simply add a new style or some personality to a certain room or your re-style your entire house with a few cheap and easy DIY projects.

If you’re tired of just plain ol’ mirrors, give them a simple make over! Give your mirrors a fresh stylish look by adding fabric to the borders. First you’ll need to measure the actual frame pieces on your mirror and pick out a pattern or colored fabric. The only tools you’ll need are some scissors, measuring tape and a glue gun. Once you get your fabric cut to the correct size, lay put glue on the frames and lay the fabric down and gently press it into place. For a different look, you can paint the frames of your mirrors to match the doors and window frames to make the mirrors look built-in.

While having a rug can add a much needed splash of color to any room, sometimes it’s fun to switch things up. If you want to revamp your solid colored rug without having to purchase a brand new one, you can make your own design on it! All you need is a roll of painters tape! Pick out your design and create it on the rug using tape. Whenever you’re ready to change it up again, peel off the tape, and start over.

Instead of letting your mason jars sit around and take up room on the shelf – put them to use! Mason jars are a great container to give a rustic flair to any space. If you’re looking for a cute and creative way to use them, turn them into soap dispensers! All you have to do is cut out a hole in the middle of the lid of the jar that’s the size of whatever pump you want to use. Then, simply fill the jar with your favorite scented soap and screw on the pump. Now you have a new cute and functional soap dispenser to use in either your bathroom, kitchen, or both!

If you’re walls are looking barren and drab, but you aren’t ready to commit to an entirely new color scheme, consider adding decals. Can’t find the style you’re looking for in stores? You can make your own! All you have to do is find a design you like online, blow up the image until it’s the size you desire, then print it out on regular printer paper. Once it’s printed out, cut out the design and determine where you want to place it on your wall. Apply wallpaper paste on the back of the designs and gently attach them to the wall.

Instead of redoing your entire home, try out a few simple DIY projects to make subtle changes that can give a room a fresh new look. Not only will it be nice to save money – but you’ll feel accomplished doing these projects on your own. Now you’ll just have to find an excuse to invite friends over to show off your new stylish home!

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