Best Indoor Plants

Best Indoor Plants

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to spruce up your home decor by adding some greenery! Whether or not you have a green thumb or not, here’s a list of the best indoor plants that are simple to keep and easy to find.

Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree

With a modern and trendy look, the fiddle-leaf fig is one you’ve seen all over your favorite home decor magazines. A fiddle-leaf is a tall fig that has waxy dark green leaves. This plant loves sunlight and will definitely be a key focal point in any room.

Jade Plant

Also known as the lucky plant, the jade plant will set a welcoming feeling no matter where you choose to place it in your home! Stay watchful of the soil, this is how you’ll be able to tell when the plant needs watering. Jade plants also need full sunlight so choose a sunny spot on the kitchen counter or next to your bedroom window!

Rubber Fig

Known as the easiest of the ficus trifecta to maintain and keep alive; ideal for anyone who has trouble keeping a live plant long term! The rubber fig grows tall and adorns large glossy leaves, giving it a polished look that will brighten up any spot within your home. This plant will need a moderate amount of sunlight, too little or too much will cause the plant to wilt. Keep it in a spot where the sunlight can hit it for a few hours each day!

Lucky Bamboo

A unique and quirky houseplant, lucky bamboo grows in water and is perfect for beginning gardeners! It’s actually not bamboo at all, its stalks or stems that resemble the canes of a bamboo plant. In order to properly care for your plant, change the water it sits in every few weeks or so. Rotate the plant away from direct sunlight so it can evenly soak up the sun on each side!

Golden Croton

This tropical plant with vibrant colors adds the perfect pop of warm colors in any space you choose to put it in. Plant your golden croton with rich soil so it can soak up the needed nutrients and place it in direct sunlight. These plants love the warm weather and grow best in an environment kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Plan on watering the plant often and making sure to use fertilizer!

Living in StoneGate at Prince Creek means living a relaxed beach lifestyle where you set the pace. Having plants in your home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Freshen up your home this spring with these stunning and easy to care for houseplants!

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