5 Easy Decorating Ideas

5 Easy Decorating Ideas

Decorating a home can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to home decorating from a classic look to something vintage. Here are five easy decorating ideas for your new home.

Hang an Interior Curtain – This idea may seem a bit odd to most. However, it can look quite lovely if done right. Take a linen curtain and pull it back from the kitchen to the dining room. This idea can give the rooms each their own privacy and look.

Creative Picture Frames – A picture says a thousand words is how the old saying goes, and we couldn’t agree more. Start to collect printed photos of your kids, pets or even flowers from the garden. Find yourself a random assortment of frames in different shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color.

Add Life to Plain Shades – Who would have ever thought about adding design to your own roller shades? You can find stencils and a variety of patterns and monograms in many craft stores today.

Change Out Throw Pillows – Swapping out a few throw pillows can make any room look brand new. Try out some new sizes, shapes and colors and you will automatically notice the new feel of the place.

Rearrange the Furniture – In addition to swapping out throw pillows, you can rearrange the furniture. A quick switch can alter the look and feel of the room, and you can create a new focal point. It’s as easy as changing a chair from the family room to the dining room or vice versa!

What are some of your easy home decorating tips?

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